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Random Acts of Kindness Day 2022

Random Acts of Kindness Day 2022

It is an irrefutable fact that all of us have felt a shift in our mental health over the course of the pandemic. For this reason, here at MW Studio we have been thinking of ways that we can contribute to this year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day 2022. What could we do to spontaneously make someone smile? How can we spread a little happiness by doing something altruistic and selfless for someone else, for no other reason than just because?

It goes without saying, but being kind, patient and understanding towards our fellow human should be something that we strive towards doing daily - not just on 17th February. We try our hardest to live by the mantra 'you never truly know what someone is going through, be kind' - although sometimes our own issues and momentary lapses of judgement can cloud our capacity to empathise with others.

Everyday, to show each other that we care here in the studio, we take it in turns to make or buy the coffee, offer to help with difficult tasks and give one another a safe space to talk about the things that are getting us down. The positive effect that this has on our mental wellbeing and motivation is astronomical, and it’s because of this that we feel it is vitally important to celebrate a day which focuses completely on performing kindness. 

So, after much deliberation and a tonne of ideas, we decided on four ways that we can spread the love on this Random Acts of Kindness Day

  • Hang an assortment of decorations on the trees in our local park 
  • You - our lovely customers - inform us of the ways in which our products help to bring you some comfort during the happy and the difficult moments in your lives. So, we thought we could allow the people passing through our local park the opportunity to feel comforted as well. We engraved and hung six of our favourite decorations on different trees in Bute Park, Cardiff, with the hopes that they brighten the days of the individuals that pick them up. It could be someone on their morning dog walk, a leisurely stroll or a busy commute to work. The decorations that we decided to give away include our popular and motivational You Got This slogan decoration, our very apt Be Kind decoration, two Heart Decorations with the engraving: "Do what makes your soul happy" and two Star Decorations engraved with the encouraging message “Shine Bright”

  • Highlight one small business that we each LOVE on our socials 
  • This is an important one for us because we are both dedicated to shopping small. Being a small business ourselves, we know just how much growing a social media following contributes to your success. It can help you feel seen in a world of large corporations and similar, smaller shops. We both decided to keep it local by choosing small businesses that are based here in Cardiff. Head over to our Instagram to see who we each chose: @mwstudiouk

  • Discount code
  • Now, to give back to the ones we appreciate the most: our beloved customers! We are offering you 20% off everything across the site for the whole of the 17th February using the code JUSTBECAUSE. Why not use this discount to purchase your Mother’s Day gift a month early, or to celebrate the birth of a friend’s baby with one of our New Baby keepsakes. Otherwise, use it to get something for yourself! Well, just because. 

  • Freebies with all purchases on Thursday 17th February
  • Any purchases made over on our website for the whole of Random Acts of Kindness Day will also get a little surprise with their order. We’ll include a note in each package, along with an additional gift. Why not keep it as a treat to yourself, or pass it on to a friend who could do with a little pick-me-up?


    Let us know what you're doing for yourself or someone else this Random Acts of Kindness Day in the comments below.  

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