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Remembering Loved Ones: Memorial Christmas Decorations

Remembering Loved Ones: Memorial Christmas Decorations
The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and cherished memories. It's also a time when we may keenly feel the absence of loved ones who are no longer with us.

While the holidays can bring both joy and sorrow, they also offer an opportunity to celebrate and remember those we've lost. Having had the honour of making many memorial Christmas decorations over the years, I know they can truly bring comfort at a time with such mixed and strong emotions.

In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of memorial decorations and share some ideas on how to incorporate them into your festive décor.

Gold Star Memorial Decoration with engraving


The Significance of Memorial Christmas Decorations

Memorial decorations are a way to pay tribute to the lives, memories, and legacies of those who are no longer with us. They serve as a visual representation of the love and respect we continue to hold for the departed. They are a way to provide comfort and connection at a time that can be so tough.

Continuity of Tradition

For many families, the holidays are steeped in tradition. Incorporating memorial decorations into these traditions can help maintain a sense of continuity and stability, even in the face of loss. It allows for the inclusion of departed loved ones in family celebrations, ensuring that their memory lives on.

Silver Personalised Memorial Decoration

Sharing Stories and Memories

Memorial decorations can serve as conversation starters and prompts for sharing stories and memories of our loved ones that are no longer with us. This sharing of experiences can be therapeutic and help family and friends process their grief collectively.

Preserving Family History

These decorations can become treasured heirlooms that are passed down through generations, preserving the memory of ancestors and ensuring that their stories are not forgotten.

Expressing Love and Gratitude

Memorial decorations are a tangible expression of love and gratitude for the impact that the departed individuals had on our lives. They convey that their presence continues to be felt, even in their absence.

Giving Meaning to the Holidays

For some, the holidays may lose their meaning or become difficult to celebrate after the loss of a loved one. Memorial decorations can infuse these special occasions with renewed purpose and a sense of spiritual connection.

silver Angel Wing Christmas Decoration Personalised

Incorporating memorial decorations into your Christmas decor

Having memorial decorations in honour of your lost loved ones can be a heartfelt and meaningful way to honour their memory during the Christmas season.

Find a decoration that speaks to you. Whether it's one of our pieces with a special engraving (perhaps one of their favourite quotes, verses or sayings), something that represents them (like one of their hobbies or interests) or something with their favourite colour. Whatever you choose, you'll know you've found the right thing when you do as it will simply feel right. 

In terms of where you should display the decoration and how many you should have, it is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer. If having one small subtle decoration on your tree that only you know about is what feels right, then it is. If having a separate tree completely in honour of them is what feels right, then it is. We know that a lot of the decorations we make don't just get hung up at Christmas but are kept up the whole year through, perhaps over a photo frame, around a vase, or hung ono the wall.

Memorial Heart Decorations around Vase

And there are of course other ways to honour them if an in memory decoration doesn't sit right with you. Perhaps you'll light a candle and take a moment, donate to a related charity or carry on a tradition that they started or you always did together.

The key is to do what feels most meaningful to you and your family. 

As we celebrate the holiday season, it's essential to remember that grief and joy can coexist. Memorial Christmas decorations provide a tangible way to keep the memory of our loved ones alive during this special time of year. Whether it's through decorations, candles, or acts of kindness, the spirit of those we cherish can continue to shine brightly in our hearts.

By incorporating these special touches into your holiday décor, you can create a warm and loving atmosphere that pays tribute to the cherished memories of the past while embracing the joy of the present.

If you ever need help with a memorial decoration, please ask. We have years of experience making these special pieces and can help with things like what to engrave. We are always here to help.

Click here to visit our memorial decorations collection.

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Adding Meaning to Your Gifts: The Power of Personalisation

Adding Meaning to Your Gifts: The Power of Personalisation

Here at MW Studio, we've always been about doing personalisation properly - with beauty and style. To make something truly and individual each time. With more than ten years experience of making personalised gifts, we think we know what we're doing. And we're always happy to help if you can't quite put your finger on how to nail your personalisation.

Gift-giving is an art, and the best gifts are those that come from the heart. One way to make a gift truly special is through personalisation. At MW studio, we understand the importance of adding that personal touch to create a meaningful and unforgettable present. From engraved hanging decorations to customised keyrings and more, our range of personalised items is designed to make every gift a cherished keepsake.



Examples of MW Studio Personalised Items:

1. Engraved Hanging Decorations:

Our hanging decorations can be engraved with your own heartfelt words, turning them into treasured mementos that can be displayed in homes or cherished during special occasions.

 Silver Heart Decoration with personalised engraving

2. Customised Keyrings:

Add a personal touch to keyrings by engraving meaningful messages, names, or dates. Every time the recipient reaches for their keys, they will be reminded of your love and thoughtfulness.

Gold Star Keyring with personalised engraving

3. Personalised Candle Labels and Lids:

Create a truly unique candle by personalising the labels and/or lids with special messages, quotes, or even names. It adds a touch of elegance and sentiment to any space.

Anniversary Candle label with personalised message

4. Personalised Photo Keyrings:

Our photo keyrings allow you to include your own precious photo, making it a sentimental keepsake. The reverse side can be engraved with your heartfelt words, capturing the memories and emotions associated with the photo.

Photo Keyring examples with personalised photos and engravings

5. Crystal Donut Keyrings:

Choose the crystals that resonate with the recipient's energy and personality. Each crystal donut keyring can be engraved with personalised words, creating a meaningful and symbolic gift.

Crystal donut keyring with examples of crystals that can be added

6. Engraved Pregnancy and New Baby Keepsakes:

Commemorate the beautiful journey of pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby with personalised keepsakes. Engrave them with special messages, names, or dates to create cherished mementos for years to come.

Pregnancy Keepsake - Mummy & Mummy - Engraved with own words and personalised message card

7. Personalised Engraved Pocket Hearts:

These small yet significant tokens can be engraved with your own words, offering a heartfelt reminder of love, comfort, and support that can be carried close to the heart.

Personalised Engraved Silver Pocket Heart

8. Personalised Initial Keyrings:

Hand-stamped with precision, our initial keyrings can be customised with initials, names, or words of significance, creating a stylish and personalised accessory.

Personalised Silver Initial Keyring Hand stamped with name

9. Personalised Engraved Mirrors:

Our mirrors provide both practicality and sentimental value. Engrave them with personalised messages on the front and reverse, adding an extra layer of meaning to every reflection.

Compact Mirror Personalised with Engraving

10. Personalised Gift Boxes:

Our gift boxes always include personalised items that add that special touch. You can further personalise the gift by adding a heartfelt message to express your sentiments.

Personalised Gift Box with engraved mirror and crystal donut keyring and personalised candle


Personalisation is a powerful tool that transforms ordinary gifts into extraordinary expressions of love and thoughtfulness. By incorporating custom engravings or adding personal messages, you can create a gift that is uniquely tailored to the recipient, capturing their personality, values, and special moments. It shows that you have taken the time and effort to create something truly meaningful, leaving a lasting impression.

We take pride in our expertise in personalisation. Whether it's engraving hanging decorations, keyrings, candle labels, or candle lids, we pay attention to every detail to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to create a personalised piece that holds deep sentimental value for both the giver and the recipient.

Personalisation elevates gift-giving to a whole new level, allowing you to create meaningful connections and touch the hearts of your loved ones. At MW Studio, we pride ourselves on our expertise in personalisation, ensuring that every item is crafted with precision and care. 

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6 Ways to help a grieving friend on Father’s Day

6 Ways to help a grieving friend on Father’s Day

We know that certain days and celebrations can be difficult when there’s someone missing, Father’s Day being one of them. We know from experience that our in memory collection has pieces that can bring comfort to those that don’t have their Dad with them anymore but we also wanted to expand on ways to help a grieving friend on Father’s Day.  

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Best Sentimental Gifts For New Parents

Best Sentimental Gifts For New Parents

Becoming a parent is the most exciting, anxiety inducing, joyous, amazing, scary and downright exhausting job they'll ever have. But it can't just be equated to a job, it's a relationship that is as unique and special as that with your parent or best friend. 

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Thoughtful Gifts For Somebody That Has Lost A Pet

Thoughtful Gifts For Somebody That Has Lost A Pet

Anyone who has ever experienced the harrowing heartbreak of losing a pet will recognise how much of a gaping hole they leave in our lives. Our pets become much loved, valued members of our families and losing them is absolutely Earth shattering. 

When somebody you love and care about loses their furry, feathered or scaly companion, it can be really difficult to know how to console them. Aside from offering your support, if you were looking to gift them a little something with sentimental value in memory of their lost pet, we have a small array of respectful, personalisable pet loss gifts in the Pet Loss section of our site.

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National Teaching Assistants Day 2022

National Teaching Assistants Day 2022

This Friday 16th September is National Teaching Assistants Day.

This year will mark 10 years since its inception, having first coming about in 2012.

Teaching Assistants really do enhance the school experience. Their vital work to support children’s education has always warranted greater recognition and deservedly so, we have a day dedicated to celebrating the selfless, transformative work that they do.

There are currently around 244,000 TA's working in schools across the UK, with 96% of headteachers believing Teaching Assistants add value to their school - and of course they do! 

I remember how much my school TA's aided with my education as a child. From teaching me to read to talking me through the topics I struggled to grasp on a one-to-one basis. Additionally, they are also friends that you can confide in when you're feeling low. They were vitally important to my schooling career and I'm sure they were to yours, too! 

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