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Ten (almost) free things to show your stressed-out mum some love

Ten (almost) free things to show your stressed-out mum some love

With Mother's Day on Sunday we thought it would be nice to suggest a few things to do to make her feel special...

1. Make her a meal

You could go down the traditional breakfast in bed route, or perhaps she might prefer a lay in and something yummy cooked for her later. What’s her absolute favourite? Or perhaps you could put together a gorgeous platter with things she loves, or create an afternoon tea at home.

2. Make her a voucher for spending time together in the future

Perfect if you can’t be with her this Mother’s Day but I’d argue equally lovely if you are going to be with her (I mean she’ll really know how much you love her if you want to spend even more time together). A homemade voucher to spend some quality time together is a lovely gift. Perhaps the voucher will tell her how much you love being with her and that a no phone, no other people, no distraction date with her is hers whenever she wants it. You could also suggest some activities to do that she might enjoy.

3. Give her a day off

How would she feel about having a day where she doesn’t do any chores? Not even the ones she does without thinking. Could you clean a room, do the washing up, the laundry, clean the loo, look after younger siblings, do the weekly shop…? Why not send her off to do something she loves whilst you’re doing it as well – perhaps to read a book, take a bath, go for a walk, do a workout… whatever it is that she enjoys. She won’t forget it. And she might ask for the same gift again next year.

4. Make her a playlist

This is a gorgeous way to put together a group of songs that hold special memories for you and your mum and also a way to tell her things that you might not always say. Think back through the years of times when you couldn’t stop playing a song, a theme tune you both loved, a song she introduced you to, a concert you went to together etc…

5. Do something with her that she loves

What are you mum’s favourite things to do? Perhaps she loves gaming – you could set up a gaming tournament, or skincare – set up a spa day at home, or cooking – you could plan a special meal and cook it together, or working out – well, work out together I guess, or walking – why not find a route she hasn’t done before and do it together (maybe even without phones). Just focus your full attention on doing the thing that she loves with her and she will love it. As long as you don’t moan about doing it. That would defeat the object completely. Obvs.

6. Play some board games

Put your phones away (yes this is a theme) and play some old-fashioned board games. Get your favourites out, borrow some from friends or neighbours and enjoy. Or, there are lots of places that now have board games at their premises. I mean pubs, cafes and the like. You would need to buy a drink but it would a lovely way to spend some time together.

7. Make her a video

There are so many apps these days that help you make gorgeous video montages that I’m sure she would adore. You can even use photos as part of the video. Add text and some music and viola, something for her to keep forever. Or, take some clips of this Mother’s Day together and make a video at a later date (just try not to forget).

8. Take her to an art gallery or museum

There are lots of amazing free art galleries and museums that you could lose a few hours in together. See what’s in your area and take her there. You can always take a packed lunch too.

9. Invite her to watch a film together

There’s something about watching a film together, isn’t there? Not talking but being together and taking in this (hopefully) great film. It’s special. You could pick an old favourite or ask her if there’s something she’s been wanting to see. Get some popcorn and you’re sorted. The two on my list at the moment are Aftersun (I mean Paul Mescal, need I say more) and Women Talking.

10. Turn your phone off

How about turning your phone off for the day and suggesting she does the same, or everyone in your house turn their phones off? Or even better, no screens? Let me know if you manage this and how it goes!

11. Make plans for future gifts

Yes I know I said ten things but I wanted to add this one too..

For people who are budget conscious right now but want to think of a more fiscally free future, it could be fun to make a Mum's wish-list - kinda like a letter to Santa. Go window shopping or shop online - bookmark her favourite finds and brands (like, everything from MW Studio is gorgeous I hear) and then buy some treats later in the year - that way you get a nice activity now, and guarantee the next few gifts you get will be exactly what she wants.


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