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    From the blog

    • May 23, 2022 The Perfect Personal Message Card
      The Perfect Personal Message Card

      We may be a small business with a passion for sentimental gifts but believe me, we get it! It can be difficult to express in words how much somebody means to us sometimes.

      Oftentimes it's easier to show them you care by giving them a gift, whether that be a thoughtful birthday present or your last biscuit in the pack. But knowing exactly what to write on a personal message card to go along with their gift can prove to be a bit of a struggle. 

      The aim of this blog post is to hopefully ease the pressure of concocting a heartfelt, funny, respectful or romantic message for your recipient. We really hope this helps.

    • May 16, 2022 Special Ways to Remember Those We Have Loved & Lost
      Special Ways to Remember Those We Have Loved & Lost

      We've had this blog post sitting in the sidelines for a while now. We wanted to write it but it's such a sensitive subject we didn't know wether we should. We're not experts in any way on this subject. How a person grieves is entirely up to them.


    • May 04, 2022 A walk through our new gift boxes...
      A walk through our new gift boxes...

      Hello lovely people! Sorry for going a bit AWOL over on the blogs, we've been super busy behind the scenes here at MW Studio thinking up the next best gifting ideas to show the important women in our lives just how much we appreciate them.

      Since the release of our very popular Mother's Day candle boxes in March, we have been working hard to curate a new collection of gift boxes that include keepsakes, candles and additional extras to treat them on those monumental occasions, or when you just feel like showing your appreciation. We're talking: milestone birthdays, anniversaries, becoming a parent, graduating, getting married and even for the times when she just deserves a little reminder of how much she means to you. 

    • March 19, 2022 Gifts for her from MW Studio this Mother's Day 2022
      Gifts for her from MW Studio this Mother's Day 2022 Mother’s Day is the one day a year where we get to celebrate the tenacious and resilient women that raised us by showering them with love, attention and thoughtful gifts. It’s an excuse to spoil the amazing, strong and often under-appreciated ladies that we hold so dear. Look no further, you’ve come to the right place for sentimental gifts for her this Mother’s Day.