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Why Candles Make Great Gifts

Why Candles Make Great Gifts
If you're someone that thinks candles are boring gifts, we hope that this blog will change your mind. 
For years, candles had a bad reputation. When research into paraffin wax found that it was toxic for our health and cheaply sourced fragrance oils meant that candle scents faded quickly, the general consensus was that candles had had their day. The once much-loved source of light (pre-invention of the light bulb) was losing its relevance in a contemporary world.
Flash forwards a few years and candle sales are - once again - rocketing through the roof. With the development of natural wax blends, as well as long-lasting essential oils and beautiful, reusable jars, candles have become the latest sustainable, ethical and truly superb gift perfect for your loved ones.
So, what's the big deal about candles? We've come up with a few of our own reasons as to why we think candles are the best gifts you can buy! 
They are perfect for every occasion
No matter the occasion - happy or sad -  we can guarantee that your candle gift will go down well. Their flickering and ambient light has been known to calm feelings of anxiety and sadness, creating a comforting space for winding-down. They can be dotted around the bath, lit in the study during a day of working from home or during a romantic date night. They aren't just for the winter months either; give them a candle for their summer wedding, the birth of their first baby or a big birthday!
Affordable - Good value for money
If like us you're tightening your belts this winter, our personalised candles are very affordable gifts. Burning for an average of 50 hours, our 30cl candles (priced between £32 and £36) are very good value for money. Candles aren't a one-time-use gift, they're something your recipient can come back to time and time again. There's no harm in packing them away and bringing them out again year after year, as our scents are strong and long-lasting.  
Conjure up memories
Certain smells can evoke memories of times gone by. Scents have the incredible ability to transport us to times gone by, reminding us of someone that is deeply missed or long forgotten moments. The fabulous thing about finding the right candle scent is that they have the power to invoke emotions around these memories. Specifically, if the candle incorporates familiar aromas and is personalised in scent and design, the candle can become a very sentimental gift indeed. 
Natural room freshener and mood booster 
Whether they're lit or unlit, the aroma given off by a well-fragranced scented candle can really transform a room. Citrus scented candles give your room a lovely clean fresh scent, whereas musky aromas provide heavier, full-perfumed scents. Some candles even offer wellness benefits that can affect your mood depending on which essential oils they contain. Lavender scents invoke relaxation and aid sleep, ylang ylang boosts moods, bergamot reduces stress and helps to cultivate positive feelings and rose decreases anxiety and tension.
A great unisex gift
Candles aren't gendered gifts, meaning they're suitable gifts for everyone (apart from children for safety reasons). However, men are notoriously hard to buy for and it can be really difficult to find the perfect sentimental gift that they will appreciate and use. Brands will have their own ideas of masculine aromas usually consisting of stronger, muskier scents. Our slightly more 'masculine' candle scent combines the awakening aroma of spicy saffron, invigorating lime and smooth tonka. The brawny identity of this candle makes it the perfect addition to his relaxing baths or romantic dinners.

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