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10 Free Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day (with anyone you love)

10 Free Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day (with anyone you love)

Here at MW Studio our products are all about documenting the big (and small) occasions that shape the human experience - birth, death and everything in between. We know how vitally important it is to show our nearest and dearest just how much we care all year round. However, if you would like to use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to demonstrate your love and appreciation (cost free) but are short of ideas, this guide is for you! 


1. Go to a museum

Not only does it offer a free education in culture, history and art, a trip to the museum is the perfect way to kill a few hours and get your steps in! Museums are fun for all the family and they often offer free guided tours. Then once you’re home - to keep the little ones busy - you could create a quiz packed full of questions on what you learnt during your day out. 


2. Make dinner at home

This is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your cooking skills! You could finally recreate that recipe that you’ve been eyeing up online, or even just rustle up a household favourite. The fastest route to the heart is undeniably through the stomach. A tasty, homemade meal has the irrefutable power to give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside - and not just because of the food! The time and effort that goes into making a meal from scratch shows that special person in your life just how much you value them. If you fancy a natter in the kitchen, why not recruit them as sous chef on chopping and stirring duties whilst you formulate your culinary masterpiece? *chef’s kiss* 


3. Play tourists for the day

Think you know the city you live in like the back of your hand? Try taking a walk around it as if you were someone who isn’t from the area. Read every plaque, explore new areas and visit local libraries to learn about the history of your town. You could gain knowledge whilst taking a moment to notice how truly beautiful and culturally rich your hometown is - all without a smartphone or Google search in sight. Give this a go with your favourite person and who knows? You might find a new park to picnic in together when the weather changes! 


4. Send them a letter

Writing a letter can be cathartic for both the writer and the receiver. We all struggle to say “I love you” when we’re face-to-face with the ones we hold dear. Responsibilities often get prioritized over expressing our love, and although you may show them in other ways, pouring your heart out in a letter can really help to prove your devotion. Spanning centuries, the Love Letter is a foolproof way to show them that their commitment to you is appreciated. Words are so important for human interaction and are sometimes disregarded in confrontation. Having your words in black and white ensures that your meaning cannot be misconstrued and gives them something they are able to cherish long after you're gone. 

5. Go for a stroll

It’s a well known fact that keeping active has a positive effect on our mental health. Mental health charity Mind reports that going for a relaxing stroll boosts your mood, connects you to nature, helps you to practice mindfulness and it even benefits your ability to sleep. What more would your loved ones need than the gift of improved mental wellbeing? That really is priceless!


6. Dance in the living room

There’s nothing quite like having a boogie to your favourite tunes! But dancing isn’t just a bit of fun, it’s practically a magical phenomena with huge benefits to your body and mind. If you’re feeling extra creative, transform your lounge into a makeshift club. Crack out the discoball, throw on your jazziest ‘fit and dance the night away with the ones you love! 


7. Play a game

Famous for souring family get-togethers across the globe, the board game is a controversial topic. But if your squad survived squabbles over the Monopoly board I’m sure they’d revel in a quiz night at yours. During the first lockdown families across the country huddled around their laptop screens for weekly Zoom quizzes, promoting togetherness in a time of uncertainty. A games night is a wonderful excuse to get the whole family together. A bit of healthy competition never hurt no one! 


8. Make a playlist

We all love a good playlist! Music can help us reminisce on the good times and even has the power to cure a bad mood. Curating a personalised playlist for the someone you love is the modern day version of making them a mixtape. It’s sentimental, thoughtful and an exceptional way to show them that they have -  much like the songs you have chosen for them - made a massive impact on your life. Perhaps you could design a “Years Of Your Life” playlist, listing prominent tracks that have rocked their existence in chronological order. Or you could create the soundtrack to your relationship. Whichever songs you choose, make sure that your receiver is able to find themselves in the tunes that you have chosen for the ultimate soppy reaction! And don't think playlists are just for romantic partners - why not do one for your bestie or your Mum?


9. Make a bucket list

Constantly find yourselves listing activities you want to do, or destinations that you wish to explore but never actually getting around to booking them? You need a bucket list! Making a list of all the experiences that you wish to have together forces you to create a concrete plan and finally smash those goals. Get your pen and a notebook, pop the kettle on and invite them round for the ultimate evening planning your next adventure! 


10. Give them our free printable ‘Reasons I Love You'

Alternatively, if you’ve left it too late to pick up even a last minute gift we’ve got your back! Download our free ‘Reasons I Love You’ printout, fill it out and pop it in their Valentine’s card, hide it under their pillow or sneak it into their bag when they're not looking. We promise your effort won’t go unnoticed. 




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