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The Perfect Personal Message Card

The Perfect Personal Message Card

We may be a small business with a passion for sentimental gifts but believe me, we get it! It can be difficult to express in words how much somebody means to us sometimes.

Oftentimes it's easier to show them you care by giving them a gift, whether that be a thoughtful birthday present or your last biscuit in the pack. But knowing exactly what to write on a personal message card to go along with their gift can prove to be a bit of a struggle. 

The aim of this blog post is to hopefully ease the pressure of concocting a heartfelt, funny, respectful or romantic message for your recipient. We really hope this helps. 


Don't overcomplicate it

It's so easy to get carried away when writing a card for one of our nearest and dearest. We just love them soooooo bloody much and we want them to know exactly how much they mean to us! You don't have to compose the greatest message they've ever read. They will appreciate whatever message you write, simply because it's from you. Keep in mind the occasion and the individual and remember; simplicity is key - don't overthink it! 

Keep it relatively short

Much like the point above, it's important not to go overboard when writing your personal message card. Keep it short, snappy and relevant. They're already feeling all the feels just knowing that you've been so kind to think of them. There's no need to write them an essay. Remember this isn't a James Joyce novel, it's a card - and quite a small one, too! Get to the point, make it heartfelt and sign off. This also prevents that prolonged awkward smile you have to hold the whole time someone's reading your message. Yes, I know it's adorable - I wrote it! Hurry up reading, my cheeks ache.  

Use us as a guide

If you're struggling to think up ideas on your own, why don't you check out the message cards we've written on our item pages? We'll never take offence if you use our messages as a guide - that's what they're there for! Please feel free to let us know exactly how you'd like us to set it out, too. Together we can design the perfect personalised gift and message card for your recipient. 

Or just use our examples, full stop! 

We understand that life is busy and most of the time we just don't have the energy to devise a tailor-made memorandum for our mate's personal message card. We've already wasted enough time umming and ahhing over what words we should engrave on their personalised gift and now we have to ponder over the personal message card, too?!

This is precisely what our examples are here for. We want your experience shopping with us to be as easy-breezy, efficient and straightforward as possible. Please check out the cards that we have put as examples in the photos section of each item's page and feel free to copy them word for word. When you go to add the item (and card) to your basket, please make sure you've written out the message (in full) that you want on the message card so that we know exactly what it is that we are to write. We're certain that your message will have them ugly crying in no time! 

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