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A walk through our new gift boxes...

A walk through our new gift boxes...

Hello lovely people 👋

Sorry for going a bit AWOL on the blogs, we've been super busy behind the scenes here at MW Studio putting together our new gift box collection. And we're really excited about them (like really excited).

Since the release of our very popular Mother's Day candle boxes in March, we have been working hard to put together a new collection of gift boxes that include keepsakes, candles and other beautiful pieces to show her just how much she means. We wanted to put together special pieces to mark those big life moments. We're talking: milestone birthdays, anniversaries, becoming a parent, graduating, getting married and even for the times when she just deserves a little reminder of how much she means to you. 

The Mother's Day candle boxes opened so many doors for us creatively that we were flooded with ideas of where we could take our gift boxes next! Finally, we managed to narrow our ideas down to eight new gift boxes. So, without further ado, we present to you... 


The Spoil Her Box
This gift box is perfect for the momentous occasions that celebrate her and all she has achieved; the big birthdays, graduation, smashing her exams, passing a driving test or anything else that she has done to make you proud.
Included in this package of dreams is a Crystal Donut Keyring - which you can of course personalise with crystals of your choice, a 20cl scented candle with matches/care card and a choice of labels: 'Here's to your next chapter', 'So proud of you' or their age (like in the picture). The candle lid can be engraved with either: 'Birthday Queen' or 'So proud of you'. Also included is one of our brand new portable compact mirrors, engraved with either: 'Bestie' or their name/initial. Of course, we couldn't have a celebratory box without popping a pack of Champagne gummies (completely alcohol-free) in, too! These sentimental gifts will help show them just how proud you are of them and  remind them of the time they absolutely smashed the thing! 
Price: £67.00
The 'For when you just want to let her know' Box
This box is the ideal gift for when you want to show her...
* how grateful you are
* how much she means to you
* that you miss her
* that you're thinking of her.
There doesn't always have to be a reason for spoiling the lady you love, be it your Mum, sister, girlfriend, best mate etc. This box is for those times that you just want to treat her like the Queen she is.
Included within the box is one of our Heart Keyrings - which can be personalised with words or a phrase of your choice, one of our beautifully scented 20cl candles labelled with either: 'We love you', 'Here's to your next chapter''So proud of you' or 'Distance means so little when someone means so much'. Alongside this, we will of course include the candle matches and care card previously mentioned above. Also included is one of our brand new portable compact mirrors, engraved with either: 'Bestie', 'Proud of you' or 'Collect moments, not things'. And lastly, a heart charm engraved with the word 'Love', to remind them just how much they mean to you. 
Price: £67.00
The Mummy-to-be Box
This next box was one of the first that we came up with when we decided we wanted to do gift boxes. Pregnancy is an overwhelming time of transformation. The nine-month bump period seems to fly by so quickly and is over in a flash. We wanted to create a box that allows Mamas-to-be to take a moment to relish in this incredible time. This box includes gifts for her to cherish her pregnancy journey as it is happening and to remember it once baby is Earth side.
In the neatly packed box will sit a Pregnancy Keepsake, engraved with your words of choice. At this stage, you will be able to choose between a Mummy and Daddy or Mummy and Mummy Keepsake. Next to this will be one of our beautifully scented candles with the following choice of labels: 'Can't wait to meet you Mummy', 'Mummy to be' or 'Dreams come true in 2022'. You are able to choose between two different engravings for this lid: 'Best News Ever!' or 'Mummy to be'. As with all of our gift boxes, the candle matches and care card will come as standard to ensure that she gets the most out of her lovingly handpicked candle. Alongside this, we will include a heart charm - a tiny pocket-sized token, perfect for Mama-to-be to pop in her purse for a little reminder of this monumental time. There will be a choice of three engravings to have etched onto the small heart charms, these are: 'Love', 'Family' and 'Carry me with you'. Finally, we will include a packet of Champagne Gummies (alcohol-free) as a little celebratory, pregnancy-safe treat. 
Price: £62.00
The New Mummy Box
This gift box is the perfect present for the besotted, exhausted New Mummy in your life. The early days of motherhood can be a whirlwind of intense love, exhaustion and worry. This package was lovingly curated with both Mum and baby in mind and aims to reassure Mum that she's doing a fabulous job!  
Within the lovingly wrapped package will sit a stunning New Baby Keepsake engraved with your choice of words. Included in the package will also be one of our beautifully scented 20cl candles, with the choice of label that best suits the first-time mama in your life. Choose between the following labels: 'Wow. You grew a human!' or 'Dreams come true in 2022'. The candle lid comes engraved as standard with the words 'Being a Mum is the best reason you'll ever have to take care of you'. Beside her bespoke candle will sit a packet of our brand new long candle matches and a care card, to ensure that she truly makes the most of her candle. Amongst these gorgeous gifts will be a hanging crystal for baby's nursery. These crystals make beautiful rainbows on the wall when the sun shine hits them, making them the perfect sensory gift for tiny humans. Just because this time is so spectacular, we have chucked in a little additional gift - a tiny heart token for the first-time Mama, engraved with the word 'Love'. Mum can keep this sentimental token in her purse or pocket to carry her little love with her for years to come. To top it off, we've included a packet of our alcohol free Champagne Gummies, which are safe for breastfeeding Mums. A touching celebratory box packed full of gifts for both Mum and baby! 
Price: £72.00
The 'For when they become a...' Box 
This box was inspired by wanting to make the most of our lovely, supportive, female friends and family members that surround us with so much love when we're expecting. These women deserve to be celebrated on such a momentous occasion, so we designed this box for when she's becoming something special such as: a Nana, an Auntie, a Godparent... Additionally, you could gift this to them to break the big news! (However, if you choose to do this we insist on seeing a video so that we can have a good blubber here in the studio!)
Within the box will be one of our lovely personalisable compact mirrors - which you can engrave with words of your choice - as well as one of the tiny Heart Charms engraved with 'Family', so that them and their new tiny family member are never apart. There will also be one of our 20cl candles, which you can label with either 'Nana to be', 'Auntie to be' or 'Godparent to be'. The lid of this candle can be personalised to say either: 'Nana', 'Auntie' or 'Godparent'. The candle bundle includes a pack of long candle matches and a care card to ensure your recipient gets the most out of their beloved candle. Of course, we couldn't mark the celebration without a box of alcohol free Champagne Gummies! We just know that she will hold this box close to her heart. BEST NEWS EVER! 
Price: £55.00
The In Memory Box
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to say. This box is created specifically with our bereaved loved ones in mind. Give them something they can treasure that will assure them that the wonderful person that has passed truly does live on through them. 
Build your box by first choosing between a Heart Decoration or an Angel Wing Decoration engraved with a message of your choice. Next, pick which of our 20cl candles you would like in your box as well as the label and lid engraving. The choices for both lids and labels are: 'Memories are forever', 'Take Time to Remember', 'Forever by your side' or 'With you today and always'. Additionally, we will include a tiny Heart Charm engraved with the words: 'Carry me with you'
Price: £47.00
The Wedding Box
A wedding is a time of coming together, a beautiful celebration of love and a true commitment between two people that adore one another. This gift box is packed full of personalised treats to commemorate them on their special day. We've put a lot of thought into how we could incorporate both lovebirds into this gift box, and what we could offer that they could cherish for the rest of their lives together. 
Within the box will sit one of our much loved Heart Decorations. This can be engraved with a short message of your choice and tied around the wedding bouquet or slipped into a suit pocket as a little token of good luck on the big day. After the nuptials are over, the happy couple can reuse this as a hanging decoration in their home and pop it on the tree at Christmas time. Also in the box will be one of our 20cl candles, labelled with either 'Mr & Mrs', 'Mr & Mr', 'Mrs & Mrs' or 'Always Better Together'. The candle lid can be engraved with either: 'Some things are better together' or 'And they lived happily ever after'. We will also include two of our new tiny Heart Charms, engraved with 'To Have' and 'To Hold' - or, additionally we can engrave them both with 'Love' - these are perfect for the newlyweds to keep in their purses or pockets to remind them of the unbreakable bond that they share. And finally, no celebration would be complete without a packet of our alcohol free Champagne Gummies! 
Price: £60.00
The In Memory Wedding Box
Life's big moments are often the times that we miss them the most. Show them that their lost loved one is with them on their special day with this In Memory Wedding Box. 
Similarly to the In Memory box above, this gift package includes: One of our Heart or Angel Wing Decorations engraved with your words of choice - perfect for tying around a bouquet or carrying in a suit pocket, a 20cl candle with a choice of messages on the lids/labels: 'Memories are forever''Take Time to Remember''Forever by your side' or 'With you today and always' and one of our tiny Heart Charm engraved with the words: 'Carry me with you'
Price: £47.00
We hope you love our gift boxes as much as we do.
We're always here to answer any questions you have.


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