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Why Personalised Gifts Are The BEST Gifts

Why Personalised Gifts Are The BEST Gifts

Unsurprisingly, here at MW Studio we believe personalised gifts are the best gifts we can give! 

When MW Studio was first conceived in 2011 - over the table in Melissa's kitchen - our focus was on one product: our personalised coin keyrings. This keyring was comprised of a silver disc - that we would hand engraved with your short messages - attached via a keyring to coins of your choice.

Since then (and thanks to our wonderful customers) the business has expanded, allowing the employment of more staff and the purchase of engraving machines, cancelling out the hand stamping and making the engraving process quicker and more efficient. 

Although we no longer hand engrave our items (apart from our Initial Keyrings), we still put so much love and energy into every item that we engrave. We read every message that you ask to be engraved and some of them have even made us cry! Personalising an item with words of your choice is such a unique and sentimental gifting experience and we try our absolute best to accommodate everyone's requests. We're absolutely sure that your personalised gift will raise a smile on the face of your recipient, even in their darkest hours. 

So, why choose a personalised gift? 


 They are fun & creative 

If you're on the hunt for something that you can sculpt to suit your receiver and add your own personality to, look no further. Personalised gifts allow our imaginations to run wild and show our recipients that we've gone above and beyond to give character to our gift. 


They are unique 

We guarantee that they haven't been gifted something as thoughtful and unique as the personalised gift that you have provided them with. Personalised gifts are so unique to every individual, that no one item is ever the same. Watch as they carry these very special items through their lives. 


Suitable for everyone 

Mum, Dad, Grandad, Aunties, Uncles, siblings and best friends - whoever you're buying for, personalised gifts are always a hit! We promise that there isn't a person on planet Earth that wouldn't want to be given something that is completely personal to them. 


Perfect for every occasion

Whether it's a senitimental present for your besties wedding or something small to see your brother off on his travels; personalised gifts are perfect for every occasion. In both happy and sad times, we yearn for the support and comfort from our nearest and dearest. The transformative chapters of our lives are worthy of bookmarking with something personal that one can treasure forever.


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