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Wedding/Anniversary Lucky Coins pouch - MW Studio
Wedding/Anniversary Lucky Coins pouch - MW Studio
Wedding/Anniversary Lucky Coins pouch - MW Studio

Wedding/Anniversary Lucky Coins pouch


The 'Our lucky coins' pouch is a unique product from MW Studio.

The little pouch has 2 pockets inside, one to hold your personalised metal disc and one to hold the coins of your choice.

A truly personalised gift, add a photo of your choice to the front of the disc and an engraving of your choice to the reverse. Then select the years of the coins you would like and we'll make up your pouch for you.

A truly unique lucky charm for someone you care about.

This little pouch is the perfect way to send a message of good luck, mark a special occasion, or even remember those that we've lost. Small enough to fit in your pocket, they can be carried with you for when you need that little bit of love or luck.

Here are some occasions we think they're perfect for...

Birthdays - why not choose coins from birth years to represent your family?

Good Luck - perhaps someone you know is about to do their exams, or take their driving test? Wouldn't it be lovely to have this in their pocket knowing the ones they love are supporting them. And they can always bring it out for the next time they need a little luck.

Weddings - what a magical gift from the bride to the groom, groom to the bride, groom to the groom, or bride to the bride.

Mother's or Father's Day - with coins from the whole family.

The coins we use will depend on what we have available for the years that you have chosen. We will always try to use a variety of coins where possible but sometimes you may have coins of the same denomination.

PLEASE NOTE - the item comes with one metal disc with the image on one side and the engraving on the other. In some of the product images two discs have been used to show you the front and the reverse of the disc.

made from:

Pouch made from velvet, satin and ribbon

Metal disc made from stainless steel

Coins made from various materials


4.6cm x 4.6cm

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Fantastic product and customer service.