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The 'For when you just want to tell her...' Gift Box


This gift box was inspired by spontaneity. It's the ideal gift for when you want to...

...tell her how grateful you are

...tell her how much she means to you,

...tell her that you miss her

...tell her that you're thinking of her

There doesn't always have to be a reason for spoiling the lady you love, be it your Mum, sister, girlfriend, best friend etc. This box is for those times that you just want to treat her like the Queen she is.

Included within the box is one of our Heart Keyrings - which can be personalised with words or a phrase of your choice, one of our beautifully scented 20cl candles labelled with either: 'We love you', 'Here's to your next chapter''So proud of you' or 'Distance means so little when someone means so much'. Alongside this, we will of course include the candle matches and care card previously mentioned above. We'll slip in one of our brand new portable compact mirrors, engraved with either: 'Bestie', 'Proud of you' or 'Collect moments, not things'. Lastly, we will include a tiny heart charm engraved with the word 'Love', to remind them just how much they mean to you. 

Inside the box sits:

An engraved Heart Keyring  - engraved with your own words.

A beautifully scented candle with engraved lid -

Choose from the following labels: 

We love you

Here's to your next chapter

So proud of you

Distance means so little when someone means so much

or an illustration of two women hugging

You also have the choice of lid engraving. Choose between 'So proud of you' or 'Grateful for you' or 'Loved Beyond Measure'.

A Pocket Mirror  - A beautiful mirror presented in one of our 'made just for you' pouches. Choose to engrave your mirror with either 'Bestie' or 'Proud of you' or 'Collect moments, not things'.

A Pocket Heart Charm - a tiny heart charm engraved with the word 'Love', to remind them just how much they mean to you. 

MW Studio Matches & Candle Care Card

Personalised Message Card - a card with your own words.

Choose from one of these stunning scents for your 20cl candle:

Lime, Basil, Bergamot and Mandarin:   

Invigorating yet soothing, this mood-boosting scent stirs up a vision of relaxing in a bubble bath whilst sipping a refreshing gin and tonic. This is a classic, sophisticated and fresh candle for anyone in need of some me time.  

Sea Salt & Samphire:  

A heavenly combination! This candle smells like a nostalgic summer holiday by the coast. The fresh air, sand between your toes, clanging of buckets and spades, ice cream dripping down your fingers and the distinctive fragrance of the salty sea. It mixes a relaxing combination of bergamot and woods sitting on a mossy base. Made with hazy, sunny excursions in mind, light this candle on a gloomy evening to stir up memories of summers gone by. We absolutely love it. 

 Fig, Lime & Vetiver: 

The rich, earthy fragrance of an old fig tree mixed with the uplifting scent of vetiver. It’s warming aroma makes this candle an all round winner for men and women alike. Vetiver is also known for its ability to boost energy.

Saffron, Lime & Tonka: 

The awakening aroma of spicy saffron, invigorating lime and smooth tonka makes this candle a slightly more masculine scent. Comparable to the warming smell of aftershave on your husband’s collar, this fragrance is reminiscent of a comforting cuddle on the sofa with your other half. If you're into the sound of the nostril tantalizing notes mentioned above, this is the candle for you. Additionally, the brawny identity of this aroma makes this a perfect gift for the men in your life

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