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Additional coin for existing keyring

Additional coin for existing keyring


Would you like to add a coin to a keyring you already have? Here you can choose the coin that you would like.

It will come polished and with a hole drilled in it so that you can easily add it to your existing keyring.

All of the coins we have are listed but feel free to drop us a message if there is a coin you are looking for that we don't have listed.

2018 and 2019 coins are uncircualted as they are not yet in circulation.dimensions:

Farthing Diameter - 20.19mm

Sixpence Diameter - 19.3mm

Half Penny Diameter - 25.48mm

Shilling Diameter - 23.6mm

Old 5p Diameter - 23.59mm

Old 10p Diameter - 28.5mm

10p Diameter - 24.5mm

2p Diameter - 25.9mm

20p Diameter - 21.4mm

Penny Diameter - 20.3mm

5p Diameter - 18mm